The day before Vista: still no updates for some UMPCs



Although some UMPCs were never branded as "Vista capable", many of us have tried to get Vista fully up and running on our own. I had success with the beta versions, but after RC2, I lost the ability to use the screen resolution switcher on the Samsung Q1 and Q1P. ctitanic notes today that folks are still waiting and hoping.

I’ve received at least a dozen reader e-mails in the past week along the same lines. Folks asking if I know when we’ll see Vista drivers from Samsung (I don’t), people wondering how to get the screen resolution working (I don’t know), readers wondering what the steps are to get Vista running, etc…all good questions.

My hope is that sometime this week to coincide with the Vista launch, I can re-write the basic steps for a Vista install on the Samsung Q1 series of devices; bear in mind that I started to do this previously, but the lack of screen resolution gave me pause. Intel has recently updated the graphics drivers for the 910/915 chipset, but alas: I just tried those and see no difference; instructions or not, I’m still without this functionality. It’s worth noting that Vista isn’t even mentioned on the updated driver page nor in the release notes.

While it’s a shame that we may never see Vista and HID drivers for the Samsung Q1, we do have to realize that the device was never advertised as "Vista capable". Should it be and is it capable? I absolutely think so and we’ve seen various videos and posts where people are running Vista. In fact, every Samsung Q1-series unit I saw at CES was running Vista. Time will tell if that was all a show for the show or if Samsung will provide the real deal. I’m hoping we get the software support that so many folks are clamoring for: it would do nothing but good for the UMPC platform as a whole.

UPDATE: some trial and error effort got the screen resolution switcher working in Vista after this post.



Magic Keyboard works, sort of, I am unable to change what they do from the software itself, but scroll up/down works and navigating in webpages back/forward works also.

I haven’t investigated changing those since I rarely use it.

Also, for those who want to know what the version of the driver is for the display:


Thanks for the link, now I won’t have to put it into standy, and turn back on to get it working. Very cool! I probably should have searched the site more.



I am not pretty sure of upgrading to Vista even though the drivers are ready. I know I may sound strange but I am very happy with XP Tablet Edition running in my Q1 :)


Well I have a Q1 with clean install Vista Ultimate RTM running right now and for me the screen resolution changing works without a problem. When I first installed, I’ve made the mistake of using the drivers from Intel’s website, but that did not work properly, so than I installed the drivers from Samsung’s website, and screen changing is working just like how it did in XP. Maybe the way I did the installing was what made it work for me I don’t know, but it works. If need proof, I’ll make a video.

Also the floattip.exe and tip.exe makes the trick of working with text entry no pain at all either.

The only real headache, I have run into, was that the touchpad would not work after the Q1 has been running for maybe 5 minutes or so, but I think that was just an issue with the power settings in Vista, where it would turn off the USB to save power.

Everything else that I use is working fine for me.

So I’m a happy customer, even without Vista specific drivers.


Yes, it´s certified. But the fact is that nobody has made Vista to work fully on that device.

About Vista in Q1 series, that’s what is keeping me hoping. Vista works in Q1, Q1p, that’s for sure because many have seen it working fully in these devices.

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