Sharing large files over a unique URL

Sending and sharing files is a daily routine. If you have the need in your working, or personal, life to send and share large files easily without tying up your email, senduit could be a service for you to try out.

The senduit service allows users to upload up to 100MB of data, and create a unique URL to share in two steps. This data is then given an available time frame in which users can access it. So if it’s somewhat private or sensitive material you can set it to be available for 30 minutes, and all the way up to one week of availability. A better known provider of this type of service includes yousendit, who allows for sending sizes up to 2GB with a subscription.

I find this type of service extremely useful when I do send large files to multiple individuals. I prefer them to download the files on their own terms when they have time to do so, while not interrupting their valuable business email service.

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