Sharing large files over a unique URL


Sending and sharing files is a daily routine. If you have the need in your working, or personal, life to send and share large files easily without tying up your email, senduit could be a service for you to try out.

The senduit service allows users to upload up to 100MB of data, and create a unique URL to share in two steps. This data is then given an available time frame in which users can access it. So if it’s somewhat private or sensitive material you can set it to be available for 30 minutes, and all the way up to one week of availability. A better known provider of this type of service includes yousendit, who allows for sending sizes up to 2GB with a subscription.

I find this type of service extremely useful when I do send large files to multiple individuals. I prefer them to download the files on their own terms when they have time to do so, while not interrupting their valuable business email service.



Your missing another aspect of file sharing which is receiving. FilesDIRECT includes large file receiving even on the basic package. If you find file transfer services useful check us out let me know if you have any questions! We also provide more security then others that might be handy.


Kyra Jones

Hi, I noticed John Crusack’s post about, which I have been using.
Recently, however, one client sent a file and I didn’t receive it.
Then today another client in NY sent a file and I haven’t received it.

John, how long have you used Youswap, and have you ever had this happen?
I really, really like it, it’s good for computer illiterate clients, it’s not intimidating, the user interface, and there’s no sign up. And also, like you said, the upload speed is very, very good.

I don’t want to stop using it, but can’t figure out why this is happening, and also there is no way to contact them…

John Crusack

People people people….there are a gazillion of these file sending services. Honestly, all of them are decent and they all offer the same type of features. What it comes down to is speed, reliability, and ease-of-use. Out of all the ones I’ve used (and I use these types of services everyday), the best one so far is (which I saw no one mentioned). Unlike other services allows you to upload AND download multiple files at once…which haven’t seen any other service offer yet. Also, there are no annoying ads and the download speed is awesome ( I download at 800 kbps). It’s definitely worth trying out.

Mike Gates

You should really check out I’ve been using them for over a year now and unlike many other sites, they are very reliable and fast. Lots of features offered to professional users, too.


another good service/application for large file transfer is pando or hamachi. pando allows you to send up to one gig and for the first two weeks of no activity, the file is stored on their servers then it is up to the hoster to continue to host the file for download. i have used pando for a bit now and it works out pretty effectively. hamachi also does a great job since it creates a network, but they both require installs and depending on your client they may feel wierd about that.


I’ve used to send large files. The only problem is the receiving party complains for having to sign up and sign in. I’ve also used that lets you send large files, videos, music etc. The good thing about MediaMax is that your files remain in the ‘locker’ for you whenever you need accessing and file size, when you send them, has no restrictions. And you get 25GB storage space free.

Louis Choquel

Like didymus, I think BitTorrent is a great protocol for transferring large files between people. But in its basic form, it is not easy to use, especially for unskilled users.

That’s why I created and Podmailer = a very simple software based on BitTorrent which works on Windows and MacOS X.

In order to offer a great quality of service we provide the bandwidth and storage to relay the files, hence your upload starts immediately. For maximum scalability we are using the S3 storage service from Amazon under the hood.

It is 100% compatible with BitTorrent, so recipients can download the file with Podmailer or any other BitTorrent client they like.

Give it a try on beta and please give us your feedback.


This is such crap. Are you really telling me you’ve never heard of sites like this before ?

Rapidshare ? Megaupload ? Mediafire ? RogePost ? Nothing ?

Thats why everyone needs to train in downloading warez 101.


I’ve been using online web hosting services a lot and I found is better. Unlimited upload and download space… and a big community to promote my music content. I can’t find anywhere else better.


Nice! I will have to check it out next time I need to share a big file. Hey DIYMUS the only thing I could see wrong with sharing a private torrent would be the limited number of people sharing causing a slowdown…


What about bittorrent? Fantastic for sharing large files between users – you can even make a torrent private…


I just set up a droplet on my desktop with my ftp client (Yummy and Transmit both support this), then when I want to send someone a file, I just drag and drop the file onto the droplet, it automatically uploads the file to

Then, I just email them that path… It works great for me. So, either there’s something that I’m missing, or other people don’t know how to do it… Because almost everyone I know hosting somewhere, and has access to their server via http://FTP...


Sounds interesting, but the Senduit’s website is now just a standard Apache “welcome page”. Oops, you may have broken them. :)


I like senduit because you don’t have to register (unlike most of it’s rivals). You just upload and go, that’s it. Good work, senduit folks.

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