Share and comment on notes

Making and taking notes is a daily occurrence for most people. These notes are sometimes shared between co-workers or clients in one way or another. Whether we use online note taking solutions, or transfer them between paper and online, there has to be an easy way to get them off to other individuals for feedback if required.

shortText allows users to make a note online and get a unique URL for the note. This URL can them be sent out to team members, and a string of comments can them be made on that unique URL. Tracking everything efficiently and effectively. shortText also displays the total number of views for that note, all for free, with no sign ups required.

shortText has also created a Firefox Add-on where you can simply highlight text on any given webpage, and send it through shortText to become a unique URL. Perfect if you want to share or have people comment on online articles or information.

Another such service is changetolink. This simple interface allows you to quickly create a page of information and send a unique URL to friends, however, there is no commenting feature and their ads tend to be a bit distracting.

If you have any suggestions or tips, do let us know.


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