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Podcasts Join the Video Feedback Loop

Personally, I think podcasts are still mostly an inconvenience, but we got pinged about a couple today that sound interesting.

Gregory Gallant of Venture Voice does a podcast with Fred Seibert of both Next New Networks and the quality cartoon podcast Channel Frederator. Fred talks about his careers at Hanna-Barbera and MTV, recalls his initial reluctance to the internet, and responds to criticism from Om. I’m in the middle of this one now.

And also: This week’s episode of the DV Show talks about the hot topic of making money from online video, featuring our friend Scott Kirsner of Cinematech. I got stuck on an intro about polar bears but skipped ahead and did hear Scott talking about Mentos and Diet Coke.

In other podcast news, the wacky and prolific New York Times tech writer David Pogue says his video podcasts will now be available on YouTube and iTunes.

Don’t like audio? There’s an article in the current Media Week about online video talent that quotes surprisingly few actual online video talents. Hayden Black, creator of Goodnight Burbank, gets a mention but not a quote in the article. He sends a funny note via email:

Okay, so they spelled our name incorrectly and said we get 10,000 views an episode when I clearly told them we get 10,000 views A DAY, but we’re in an article about comedy on the internets in the latest issue of Media Week. Hmm. Maybe I should do a comedy about shoddy journalism. Oh wait. I do.