Nokia’s N800 Internet Tablet arrives



Our kids have a two-hour school delay due to some ice and snow, but that didn’t stop the FedEx man from swinging by a few minutes ago. Have a look-see above for what was in the package: a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet! This is just a loaner for the next two weeks or so and it just goes to show you that attending CES is a must if you’re addicted to tech like we are. I stopped at the Nokia booth in the last few hours of the last day of the show: you know, the time where everyone is fighting with the crowds at the airport? I was lucky enough to get as much time as I needed with the Nokia reps to discuss the N800 and after further conversation, made the right contacts to have the device sent out. A huge thank you to all of the Nokia folks I spoke with that day!

This will be interesting as this is my first true Linux-based device; after some "getting acquainted" time, I’ll be sure to sure thoughts, impressions, likes and dislikes.



Mike and Jeremy, please take this offline. It’s not appropriate for this venue and I’d hate to lock you out.


As opposed to being just a tool, like you Mike?

Get back on your meds, Cane.


Mike Cane – give it a rest. Your rants on the Internet Tablet Forum are well documented, as indeed they are over at the Palm forum.

You’re a complete technological ignoramus, your intellect when it comes to computers would see you struggle to operate the till after you’ve just served a helping of fries.

Your hatred towards the 770 and now N800, and also towards Nokia, is based on your inability to operate these devices. Nothing more, nothing less.

So please, give it a rest.

Mike Cane

Appliance my ass, James! Have you had more than a fondle with one?

If it was a true appliance — like the iPod and Zune are — Nokia wouldn’t be touting open sores — uh, source — nor touting all the software from all the third parties (maniacal laughter) that can be put on it.

My challenge stands.

USE the effing thing for a WEEK STRAIGHT instead of the Q. I’ll even make it easier: JUST USE IT FOR ALL WEB-RELATED WORK.

You won’t take up the challenge. To do so would lift the fog from your eyes. And offend those eejits at Nokia.

And if this offends you, James, well, you know what.


Mike, the N800 is not intended to be anything more than an Internet appliance. To try to make more of it than that is just delusional and guarantees frustration. This is true of any device if you try to make more of it than it’s designed for.

Mike Cane

>>> Although, with that said, if you stick to what is delivered on the N800 or the 770 for that matter, you won’t have issues.

BS! BS! BS! Are you an employee of Nokia, a contractor for Nokia, married or otherwise related to those 2, or are you just an eejit?

ANYONE can hop over to the one site devoted to these abominations and see comments from others.

770 owners, in fact, raised such a stink over OS 2007 not being available to them that there might be an unofficial release!

–>The latest release for OS2006 (3.2006.49-2) has actually added to this feeling of bugs not being fixed as this release apparently resolved a couple of WiFi bugs that few (if any) users seems to be affected by, and it did not fix any bugs that are affecting users.

The truth is out there for those who WANT it.

Review that crap in just 2 weeks? I think you’re afraid of offending Nokia. Put down your Q and ONLY USE THE 800 FOR THOSE TWO WEEKS. Got the guts to risk your sanity and to tell the truth?

I’ll be satisfied just with total number of hours you really USED (not toyed) with it and TOTAL number of CRASHES.


Skype doesn’t have a client for it yet. Use Gizmo Project.

The YouTube video thing is because your running Flash 7 and also running on a 300 MHz processor.

To run Flash 9, Nokia would have had to pay more $$$ to Adobe no tot mention it would likely not run to well with only 300 MHz of processor.

Lorie Ghamy


Maybe an internet tablet, but…

Somme people wrote about this machine : poor with Skype and Flash video like youtube. So your informations about these points are awaited !

Thanks a lot.


Mike Cane is expecting perfection in something that is still very much a geek device. Although, with that said, if you stick to what is delivered on the N800 or the 770 for that matter, you won’t have issues. If you do something all geeks do, well, your going to see weirdness. Alot of the software was just ported and are definitely works in progress. With all that I have said, I have to say that the 770 exceeds my expectations and I can’t wait to get a N800. Looking forward to your review Kevin….just one thing…remember, it’s NOT a PDA. It’s a Internet Tablet. Treat it like that. It’s not going to have syncing or anything else….it wasn’t designed that way.

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