Nokia’s N800 Internet Tablet arrives


Our kids have a two-hour school delay due to some ice and snow, but that didn’t stop the FedEx man from swinging by a few minutes ago. Have a look-see above for what was in the package: a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet! This is just a loaner for the next two weeks or so and it just goes to show you that attending CES is a must if you’re addicted to tech like we are. I stopped at the Nokia booth in the last few hours of the last day of the show: you know, the time where everyone is fighting with the crowds at the airport? I was lucky enough to get as much time as I needed with the Nokia reps to discuss the N800 and after further conversation, made the right contacts to have the device sent out. A huge thank you to all of the Nokia folks I spoke with that day!

This will be interesting as this is my first true Linux-based device; after some "getting acquainted" time, I’ll be sure to sure thoughts, impressions, likes and dislikes.


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