Mr. T and IT? I Pity the Fool!


UPDATE: According to the latest version of the PR Week story, Hitachi, and not their PR firm, is responsible for the Mr. T video below. Which may or may not be why the two have split. From our point of view, who cares as long as we get more Mr. T on IT? Bring it on, sucka!

There’s no telling how much expense-account wine was spilled on the idea of bringing Mr. T to the world of corporate video. But it wasn’t enough. This horribly bad attempt at Dilbert-like parody (below) justifiably earned PR firm Hill & Knowlton its walking papers from client Hitachi, according to a story in PR Week.

Hey Fool! There’s more “T” after the jump!

Even though one of Hitachi’s flacks tried to paint a pretty picture of the situation (“we’re super pleased about it”) she clearly hadn’t yet talked to her boss, who said:
According to the updated information, Hitachi loves its Mr. T stuff, and wants to find an agency that agrees with the Mr. T on IT campaign:

“We need a partner that knows there is a difference between a corporate video with a man in a suit, and a viral video with an action star,” said Steven Zivanic, HDS director of corporate communications.

May we suggest a partner who knows how to hire real actors and write a real script? And a warning — better make sure that Mr. T gets his invoice taken care of quickly, punk — or else!

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