Gizmo gets Flashed, makes calls from the browser



Although I’ve been a heavy Skype user for over two years, I still keep an eye on Gizmo. Apparently, so does Om Malik because he’s reporting that Gizmo just went sans client. Once the service launches, you’ll be able to get a small browser plug-in from so you too can be VoIP’ing right through your web browser via Flash support. Moving away from an installed client application definitely opens up the door to more potential adoption of the service; something I think Skype might want to consider.

I’m sure we’ve got both Skyper’s and Gizmo gabbers out there: is a web-based VoIP app appealing to your gift of gab? I’ve stuck with Skype mainly due to the mobile client; since some mobile browsers don’t support Flash, I think I’ll keep my VoIP needs with Skype…for now.



No Linux support yet. They say:

“Gizmo Call does not yet work on Linux computers. We like Linux and we use Linux and we’re going to make Gizmo Call work for Linux. Adobe just recently released Flash 9 for Linux which Gizmo Call requires which is why we have been delayed in releasing Linux support for Gizmo Call.

Ben L.

Jajah anyone? Yes, it’s not what you are used to headset and all, but hey isn’t that what your phone is for anyway?

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