Ferrari-Branded Mobile Phone


Ferrari has launched a branded mobile phone with Motorola, writes Autoblog. The 490 euro (US$632) MotoRAZR Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge has some physical branding, and the content includes “the roar of the Ferrari F1 eight-cylindre engine accompanies the switching of the handset on or off, images of the Ferrari F430 engine on the mini external display and the image of the Ferrari emblem on a grey Ferrari in the internal display…there are also thirty photographic images showing Ferrari F430 and Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli USA”.
I guess these types of branded phones are low-hanging fruit — whack on a few logos and people will pay premium bucks for an mid-range phone. I’m still waiting for a branded phone that’s worth the effort, where the brand has taken the time to figure out which of its customers are likely to buy the phone and put on special content accordingly, rather than just upload some images. (release)

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