Elegant Packaging’s LS800 bump case holds that USB EV-DO modem

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Elegant_packaing_bump_case_ls800Craig Pringle wrote up Elegant Packaging’s bump case for the Motion LS800 last year, but just provided a fine review. I had previously seen the standard Motion Computing bump case in Rob Bushway’s video review of the LS800 and accessories early in 2006 and was already impressed. Now that 3G USB modems are hitting the streets, I love the fact that Elegant Packaging has added a little pouch for the modem. You can see by Craig’s pic this provides good protection for the modem and neatly keeps the cabling attached. Hopefully, other OEMs and accessory makers start to consider USB modem protection; for UMPCs it’s relatively clear that PC Card modems are just too big and the connected future is in USB modems.

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It’s really cool. If they’d just make a case like that for a Vista tablet.

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