No more clean installs with Vista upgrades

Ask any computer guru if you should upgrade your OS over an existing installation or do a clean install by wiping everything off the disk and starting over and they will tell you to do the clean install.  It avoids so many problems by getting rid of any legacy junk that may be part of the existing OS.  This has never been a problem for consumers as you can easily do a clean install, even with an upgrade OS license by proving you own the previous version.  DailyTech is reporting that that will not be the case with Vista, as Microsoft has chosen to only allow upgrade installations with upgrade versions of Vista.

For most users, this wouldn’t be a problem. They more than likely have an existing copy of Windows XP installed and would have no problems upgrading to Windows Vista with an upgrade CD.

But for do-it-yourselfers who buy a Vista upgrade CD and think that they can easily perform a clean install whenever they feel free are going to run into the road block. In this case, the road block means that users wanting to perform a clean install with a Vista upgrade CD will have to:

1) Install a genuine copy of Windows XP Home/Professional
2) Activate Windows XP through Microsoft
3) Upgrade to Windows Vista from within Windows XP

So if you plan on saving money by using a Vista upgrade CD instead of purchasing a full copy, be aware that you’re have a few extra steps involved before booting to the Vista desktop for the first time. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, you’re going to have to pony up for a full copy of Vista.

This means that the next time you need to rebuild your system because Windows has junked it up make sure you don’t wipe out the offending OS install first.  I sure hope this report is not accurate.


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