Nintendo DS Sales Reach 10 Million Mark In Americas


Nintendo may manage to screw up golden opportunitied in the console market, but one thing can always be said for them: they know handhelds. The DS has now sold over 10 million units to just the Americas, 5 million of those sales coming last year. The handheld that was, at one time, considered a “gimmick” isn’t going anywhere for quite some time.

According an article on Yahoo, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America President, had this to say about the DS success:

“More than 5 million people joined the ranks as Nintendo DS owners in America last year alone, and right now, they’re all saying the same thing — ‘give me more!’ Fortunately, no matter your taste or experience in gaming, that’s exactly what we’re supplying in the months to come.”

Throughout the next couple of months, the DS is supposed to see the launch of 20 new games. Everything is covered, for the most part, from Hotel Dusk to Wario: Master of Disguise. Though it may not “instill discipline” in us, the DS is certainly going to teach our bank accounts new pain.



One Problem: Has anyone been able to find a DS Lite since the year began? I sure as hell can’t. neither can

Jon R.

It won’t instill discipline… but it could.

This isn’t the first time anyone’s said this, but you know what? Since Nintendo and Sega are no longer at complete odds with eachother, they need to do an ad campaign with Reggie and Segata Sanshiro teaming up.
Tell me that wouldn’t be fuckin’ awesome.

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