@IAMAI Digital Summit 2007: Complete Coverage

Day 1: Internet
Community Sites = Nightclubs? Credible? Education Napster
Uniform Code Of Conduct For E-Commerce, Exemption Handling;Contentivity
2007 Is the Year When Retailers Will Go Online
Advertorials Online; Search Marketing; Cutting Through The Clutter
Interconnection, Provocation, Bandwidth And Ecommerce Certification
Gaming And Collaboration, Web 3.0 And All About Having Fun
Day 2: Mobile
Mobile Marketing Challenges And Opportunities
Cross Media Promotions; Rural VAS Adoption; The Rural Consumer
Exclusives For Mobisodes; Info Critical For You; Pull Portals
Rs.4 Crores A Day; 2500 Merchants; SMS Vs GPRS

Some presentations from the Digital Summit are available for download at the IAMAI website, here.