EV-DO Rev A- 4 bars signal


Evdo rev a 4 bars

‘Nuff said.



SteveK, the 595 sticks out at least 1.5 inches, it definitely sticks out farther then the V620 I used before. It’s apparently a bigger antenna and I think that helps with the speed. I did get it for the $149 although I got a $50 rebate form from Verizon.



Thanks again for all this info you can’t find anywhere else.

I have a Verizon Kyocera 650 myself, and EVDO is the perfect match for my P1610. Because the 1610 is so long-lasting (with the extended battery), I leave the EVDO card powered on all day, and just put the 1610 in standby when I’m not using it. That way I can have a powered-on tablet with a broadband connection in seconds no matter where I am. It’s what mobile PCs should be.

And it’s so compactr, I carry it around all the time, so if the EVDO card didn’t stick out so much, it would be even more perfect. I would have waited to see if Fujitsu came out with a 1610 with embedded broadband, but I suspected it might take quite a while and end up only being Edge-speed.

I’m tempted by Rev A speed and the 595, but I have two questions which might help me decide whether to take the leap (or wait and see if even better Rev A cards come out).

First, how far does the 595 stick out? From the pictures, it looks like it sticks out more than most EVDO cards. My 1650 extends 1-3/8″ from the PC altogther, and of that the antenna part is 1-1/8″. Is the 595 even longer?

And second, if you don’t mind my asking, were you able to get it from Verizon for the $149 you mentioned in an earlier post? And did that mean starting a new two-year contract? I’m only about six months into my latest two years, since I upgraded to a new card this year already.




crt, you are correct and I was going to blank it out but the reality is it’s not my IP, just a randomly assigned IP by the network.

Chad Taylor

You might want to refrain from posting your ip. Not that it should be a big worry but you never know.



Thanks, Dr. Z. That page just got a bookmark from me. That is a pretty slick utility.



I just want to know what software that is in the picture above. That is a pretty cool signal dashboard.


Jerad from Indiana

Hmmm. Verizon ’round where I live is horrible. I’ve had better luck with Cingular.

I went to Indy a couple of weeks ago and was getting low 800 kbps on Cingular’s high speed wireless. Very nice connection… if only that was everywhere, then the dream of “work wherever, work whenever” would be a reality.

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