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@Digital Summit: Interconnection, Provocation, Bandwidth And Ecommerce Certification

The Union Minister for Communications & IT, Dayanidhi Maran said that in time, networks, applications and services will converge – storage and bandwidth will become obsolete and content and services will become the USP. Consumers, however, spoilt by free email and browsing will resist paying for content. The minister wants implemented, a network of fibre optic and wireless, which interacts in all 22 languages. He also said that servers for .IN websites will be based in India. The cost of internet access needs to be brought down, he said, and domain names in Indian languages will be launched. The real growth will come with local content. He said that the ministry uses BSNL to provoke the private sector – 2mbps was enforced on BSNL and others had to follow suit. He redefined broadband as 2mbps. When asked about the data limits that ISPs have enforced for that 2mbps, he said that these things happen bit by bit. The ISP interconnection in India, NIXI, will be established within four months, which should reduce bandwidth costs – like a similar interconnection does in Korea. He also mentioned a plan to introduce a government certification for e-commerce, on the lines of the ISI mark. Someone asked about financial support for entrepreneurs, and he said that he can online provide policy changes and create an environment for growth. Anupam Mittal, Chairman of the IAMAI also said that the IAMAI has submitted a list of policy initiatives to various government ministries.