Vista drivers for Fujitsu P1610 coming


Good news for fellow Fujitsu P1610 owners who are jonesing to upgrade to Vista when it comes out in just a few days.  I had an online chat with a Fujitsu representative to whom I posed the following two questions in yellow:

Fujitsu chat

So there you have the official answer of exactly when Fujitsu will make both Vista compatible drivers and utilities available for download.  That’s just a few days away.  Woot! 


Robert Smith

I don’t know where you’re looking but the FujiSem site only has 1610 Vista drivers, there are NONE for the 1510 or 1510d. And from the silence on the other end of the emails it is starting to appear that there may not be.

Getting tired of it at this point and have been Vista64Ultimate on my acer for a month now. Haven’t even opened the 1510 lately because already XP is tiring. If no drivers then I’ve decided against my original idea to buy a 1610 in the 3rd quarter … lack of support after the sale for my 6 month old 1510d isn’t a great reason to go back to the same company. Bad taste and all.

Paul J Shadwell

Ok I checked this and the link doesn’t work because he hasn’t but the http:// in front of the link. The is the correct link notice however that this is only for the P1510. The P1610 isn’t listed. Select “Show operating system without support” and you’ll see Windows Vista listed. Lots of new drivers for the P1510 which is encouraging.
I’m frustrated that we have to wait for the public release of Vista even though most of us techies and businesses have had Vista for months now.


Yippeeeee!! You beat me to it – I’ve been looking around just tonight to see if there was any news and I was coming up blank.

I did notice a Bios update on the main drivers page for the P1610, fixing a problem with TPM and Vista. I applied the update (it oly took a couple of seconds to run) and nothing seens to have changed on the outside!

I’m also looking forward to seeing how the upgrade program works. Mine is in with the lovely people in Germany where the UK upgrade requests had to go. I have a confirmation number but no delivery date yet. I am also waiting for shipment confirmation for Office 2007, also applied for through the upgrade programme.

I’m very much looking forward to putting both on my baby. :)

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