Spider-Man 3 iPod ‘Scrubbers’


Sony Pictures this week launched the official Spider-Man 3 web site and in addition to providing some standard downloads (wallpapers, screensavers, buddy icons) they have “Photo Scrubbers” available in the iPod section.

Photo scrubbers, or scrubs, are a way to play short video clips using sequential photos. Using the iPod’s clickwheel you can “scrub” the images forwards and backwards at various speeds.

Scrubs were created in late 2004 as a clever way to view ‘video’ on the first iPod with photo capabilities. A year later, the regular model iPods received video capabilities. But the iPod nanos can display photos and not video. iTunes 7 makes the syncing of scrubbers to a photo-capable iPod easier than before and does not require the images be placed into iPhoto.

Strangely enough, the graphic on the Spider-Man 3 site shows sequential images of the villain Sandman, but neither of the two folders contained in the single .zip download contain those images. Contributing to the oddness, the two image folders are called sm3_scrubber_1 and sm3_scrubber_3, leaving the obvious question of ‘Where is sm3_scrubber_2?’

sm3_ipod_scrubbers.zip (6.8 MB)

Spider-Man 3 iPod Scrubber


Eddie Hargreaves

There is no site search within the official Spider-Man 3 web site. (It’s all Flash-based) After clicking the link provided in the story click “Enter the Site” and after the new, full-screen window opens, mouse-over Downloads and in the menu that pops up you’ll see a listing for iPod.


Interesting, I downloaded from the link you provided, but when I go to the official SM3 website, I don’t see anything related to iPods nor did using the site search turn up anything.

Have they removed the link?

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