NewTeeVee on the Florida LambdaRail


Editor’s note: The following post is for entertainment purposes only. Please refer to this press release for all the facts about the exciting news that more educational programming is coming to a 10-gigabit network.

“Goin’ out tonight?”
“No man, I’m going to get LambdaRailed.”
“Man, I told you the frat guys don’t let geeks into their parties.”

“LambdaRail isn’t a frat, dope. It’s the 10-gig network that’s hooked up here to campus. And now it’s got student-created TV and stuff from Portugal, piped right here to UWF.”
“Student-created? Is there anyone dancing or anything from someone’s dorm room where they didn’t know the camera was…”
“No, this is pro stuff — like ‘Blind Date’ from Yale and Ivory Tower from Harvard. You know, stuff by students who want real TV careers.”
“So no spring break stuff?”
“What about the Portuguese video — anything wild there?”
“It’s not Portuguese, it’s Polish — TV Polonia. It’s pretty wack. There’s stuff from Korea, China and Russia too.”
“Like that Hungarian stuff you downloaded the other day.”
“No, this is educational.. there’s NASA TV and C-SPAN, too.”
“Man… there is something you’re so not telling me…”
“About the Italian, French, or Vietnamese programming? What did I miss?”
“Why are you so jazzed about this stuff, when you have all of Limewire on your gaming machine?”
“This is the future of TV, man. I am here in Pensacola to learn, not just roast my butt on the beach all day.”
“Wait a minute… what happened to the Wii controllers… and what’s that on your arm?”
“I don’t want to talk about it, man.”

This is a work of fiction. No real student-hours or legitimate use of LambdaRail bandwidth was injured in the making of this post. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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