Mobile Focus Too Much On Casual? POPPYCOCK Says Webb

Some people in the mobile gaming industry believe that they should focus on the more hardcore players. Why? Mobile gaming, at its heart, is all about casual games. No one buys a cell phone or mobile messenger because it has cool games, and if you think so, I’m pretty sure I can scare up a Gizmondo for you to buy. Luckily, you don’t just have me to listen to, Leighton Webb of I-play feels the same way.

According to Mobile Industry, at the Osney Media Mobile Games Forum, Thomas Richter of Jamba said, “Why are we still explaining to each other that casual gaming is the way to go, talking to a target group that is absolutely price sensitive and not loyal at all?” Webb disagrees. Citing M: Metrics research data, Webb noted that the most popular games being played today in the U.S. and Europe are casual games.

“Look at Yahoo, MSN, AOL et cetera – all of these companies have used casual games as a core revenue driver and tool for consumer retention,” said Webb. Why should the mobile gaming business be any different? The hardcore don’t purchase cell phones to play games, they purchase the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS if they need something to do on the go.


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