Medion UMPC pre-order info



That Medion UMPC I got my hands on at CES is available for pre-order; not sure if this is old news or not, but I noticed the heads up over in the Origami Project forum. As you can see from the product page, the unit is "out of stock", although I’m thinking they were never IN stock as of yet; last I heard the product was launching around the same time as the Vista launch next week.

Looks to be $999 for a Via C7-M running at 1.0 GHz with 768 MB of RAM. I’d make an educated guess that this has 256MB of RAM on board and can take a 1 GB RAM module, similar to the Asus R2H. The unit looks to run Vista Home Premium which includes the Tablet PC functionality, so with the right HID drivers, this should have full, native Tablet functionality.

My initial thoughts: at this price, I’d hoped for the 1.5GHz Via processor (or an upgrade option; perhaps we’ll see that). The unit also has a 30 GB drive, which I consider the bare minimum. While my first impressions of the keyboard were nice, it’s really going to be a thumb-board as you have to hold the unit to use it. If you use the integrated stand to set it down, you won’t be touch typing on it due to the size. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a nice UMPC, but I would like to see Medion squeeze a little more out of the specs at this price. I do like the SD card reader, integrated camera and docking potential, however. Thoughts on the price and specs?



Price tag is pretty steep, guess Medion could not get a better deal for themselves from the original producer, Arima. And that price does not even include the optional GPS or DVB-T digital TV modules. Medion, you can do better than this!

R. Fernandez

I’m not really sure what Medion is doing…

They got us all excited about this product. “Well under a $1000” definitely perked my ears. It’s a nice looking unit, and I probably would be one of the first to call the number had it been ~$800. At that price point, these would sell like hotcakes. But now I feel like we’re being tricked. First the price psyke out and then the fake inventory that got sold out. Whoever bought them all out sure aren’t saying anything about it.

Form factor, battery life, performance and usability are very important.

I’m going back to look at videos of the US700’s and man that is defintiely a nice looking product. I cannot wait for the US702 to come out. That one’s got my name on it!

When is this unit coming out? I want one!!

John in Norway

I was quite excited when I first heard about it but with no backlight on the keyboard I’m not interested. And the price seems a bit high.

If this is running Vista does it have that new VIA graphic chip in it? Maybe I’m confused but I thought I read somewhere that the old chip wasn’t DX 9 compatible which Vista needs?

And while we’re here Kevin, can you tell me if your new Q1P is viewable outdoors in bright light?

R. Fernandez

Based on the CES video we saw, I guess $1 below a thousand could be considered “well under” a thousand in some places…don’t know where, but it’s a big universe.

Looks like I may just wait for the US700’s that look very intriguing.

Arjaan Peree

This is to expensive, for that price I can get an Asus R2H with foldable keyboard. The Asus is probably a bit faster.

The only plus for the Medion at this moment is that it is the first one you can order with Vist…

Michael Venini

See, I was really hoping this would come it at $799 – $899. At CES one of their spokesperson, said this would be well under $1000. A Dollar under?

I really love these UMPCs, but their prices need to come down.

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