Easy 3G Sharing on Mac with FONspot


If you are like us – walking around with a Macbook Pro and a Novatel EVDO Express Card modem, you don’t really have worry too much about being disconnected. However, when you congregate with friends or colleagues and find them in a disconnected state, you want to share your connection. You can do that on a Mac, though it takes a little effort.

Well, the fine folks at FON, a wireless services company based in Barcelona has come up with a nifty little Mac app that turns your machine into an instant FON Spot.

The software, though not available right now for download (coming soon) will allow people to share their 3G connections easily. (You can request a beta copy here.)

You can control how much bandwidth you want to share and why you can even charge others. One thing we do wish for is some mesh-networking features, where three or four 3G connected Macbook Pros can create a nice instant network. You know what would be cooler – if someone can built it – a utility that would allow subscriber of an expensive Wi-Fi plan to share it with those around them, say when sitting in a Cafe. That would drive people at T-Mobile insane, but it still be fun.



As far as I know, FON is based in Madrid, not Barcelona. The original post from Martin talks about its lab in Barcelona, but not their HQ.


do you know, whether it will be also possible to share an ordinary dsl via fonspot software for mac ??

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