Craig Pringle gets a Stowaway keyboard- review ensues


Craig Pringle is discovering the liberation one gets when the perfect mobile desktop is assembled.  He has recently taken possession of the same Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard that Kevin and I have raved about so often and he’s penned typed a nice review of his mobile desktop consisting of a Motion LS800, BenQ mouse and now the Stowaway Sierra.  If you haven’t seen one of these up close take a visit to Craig’s blog and see why he says he is loving the keyboard.

You can pick up a Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard of your very own from our Amazon afilliate link, as many of you have already done (and we thank you for that).




I also recently purchased the Q1P and everyone is amaze at the Q1P when am using it. I have to do a little demo for them. LOL I also purchased the Samsung case and using the Stowaway bluetooth keyboard. Am also just finishing installing Vista on the Q1P so far I got all buttons working with sound. The only thing left is the bluetooth and everything will be working 100%.

Tax Man

I’m using one of these keyboards with a Targus bluetooth mouse with my Q1 as my main computing platform. Clients marvel at how truly mobile I’ve become. I even use this setup in my office, but I do use the Q1 to drive a Samsung 19″ LCD at 1280×1024 for more screen real estate. I would have never found this but for JKOTR.

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