$650 for the HTC Athena? That’s more like it



Pocketables found some news today that makes the HTC Athena more attractive, regardless if you call it the Ameo or Dopod U1000. According to the Register (credit: pic), the T-Mobile Ameo will set German consumers back around 500 Euros (with a two-year contract), which Jenn figures to be around $650. Ironically, if that’s correct, my guess on the price was pretty spot-on; then again, I goofed on other specs…

Now does the device sound more attractive? You’ve provided commentary along the way, so don’t stop now….



I am coming out early next month or by the end of March. If you want me first buy me from the HTC Phone store. My price range will be around $1000USD. I am successor to the HTC Universal. I have much better features and I will be the best phone for years! Keep in mind my buddy O2 XDA Flame will also be coming. Although my performance spec’s are way better than his. O2 XDA Flame is more smaller and stylish black finish but not so good in performance wise.
So I am the best choice.


Whoa. Can I get an RMA for that last tantrum?

Thank you HTC. According to Boy Genius (found via PPC Thoughts) the official spec sheet for the HTX X7500 (aka Athena) has leaked its way to the web.

Memory looks like this: 256 Meg of ROM / 128 Meg of RAM / 8G of storage – probably a HD because they mention it has a g-sensor. And… here comes the bit that seems to be the most important to all the other geeks… it has tri-band UMTS/HSDPA radio as well.

So it, theoritically, should work in the US along with the rest of the connected world. Oh, and the camera has a flash too.


Now just need to pull off a reverse-Dynamism and figure out how to get one of these shipped TO Japan.


… Can you hear that? … That’s the sound of my heart breaking. HTC? Who is this machine targeted towards? That’s right. Power users. And what do power users complain the most about with regards to the current crop of WM5 devices? Yes, that’s right, memory issues.

First it was the cost of this unit. Now, this WM dream machine, gets saddled with another potential deal breaker. 64 Meg of RAM!!?? WTF..! I mean really…
You give us a grown-up screen. You give us a grown-up keyboard and storage option. Why can’t you give us a grown up amount of memory? I’m so tired of my PPCs being right on the edge of real productivity… I want a PPC that is not a toy.


Uh… before I go completely gitty nits, does anyone have memory specs on this yet?


What Yolanda said! Roger that! PR0N!
Finally I can sit down and do some REAL work on my PPC – extended MindMap sessions, photo editing, TextMaker and PlanMaker with less headaches and eye-strain.

Oh give it to me!

Robert Irving

oh – and I meant to add that I did some calculation; the 5″ screen gives just under double the amount of view that my current 3.8″ Loox has. For me, thats a LOT more.

Robert Irving

Did you also note the comment that HTC are supposed to be working on a 7″ version?

Bobby Chapman

It’s still unappealing. PDA’s have been out for a long time now. I’ll stick with a real UMPC, with a real OS.

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