Roundup: Peer-to-Peer News Packets


  • The ever-opinionated Mark Cuban presents four potential problems for the mainstream adoption of BitTorrent-type P2P networks for content distribution. [Blog Maverick]
  • takes a fascinating look at how many movies nominated for Academy Awards are already online, and how it affects the practice of distributing screeners to Oscar voters. []
  • Usenext, a web service for browsing Usenet for movies and other content that advertises heavily on Torrent search sites like Mininova, has been served with an injunction by German rights organization GEMA. [P2P Blog]
  • The hacker behind BackupHDDVD, muslix64, sat down with Slyck News to talk about the implications of his signature achievement, cracking the AACS DRM scheme. [Slyck News]
  • Now that the Wii allows you to legally download software versions of classic Nintento titles, Nintendo may be cracking down on the trade in unauthorized ROMs. [The Wii Experience]

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