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Quicksilver Screencast: Tags & Playlists

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In the comments of last week’s screencast, Aaron asked about a way of creating iTunes Playlists through Quicksilver. So I thought I’d take that as an opportunity to share a couple of great Apple Scripts that have been created expressly for this reason.


You’ll see the websites in the screencast, but just for quick reference, be sure to grab the TuneTag 1.2 scripts and the QueryTunes. I’ll show you how to file them on your system and use them in the screencast.

Quicksilvertunes is 8 and a half minutes, and 71.6mb

25 Responses to “Quicksilver Screencast: Tags & Playlists”

  1. Hi, I’m a new user of Quicksilver and I got a question about using it to open music on iTunes.

    After I access my music library and am looking at the songs that I have, am I able to search for a song by typing in its name or must I scroll down and find songs manually? Currently, I am unable to search for songs by typing its name. Am I missing out a plugin or something else? I’m currently running B54(3815)

  2. Colin

    In the URL bar find the tag “file=” and delete that and everything before it. Then at the (now beginning) of the bar replace %3A with a “:” and that make the link work. =)

  3. david rudolph

    could someone break down how to set up growl for itunes notifications ive installed notification hub + growl but cant get it to show up… I can get quicksilvers, fast user switching style notifications to work but not growls… Thanks

  4. Nah, no worries. Limitations are limitations, and developers just have to work with the framework we’re given. Maybe with Leopard this functionality will appear; you never know. But many thanks for the props, regardless.

  5. Ed – It’s just Growl, with the Music Video style being used.

    Chris – thanks for tunetag! I love the options it gives me – hope I didn’t come off as annoyed with the lack of smart playlist out-of-the-box functionality. I just wanted to make it clear to people what they were getting with this.

    And yeah, I should’ve made that point, but it was late and I wasn’t thinking… You absolutely can create a smart playlist that looks for the comment that you add as a tag, and it’ll update for you. Note that the tag is prepended with a *, so it would look like *bboys, if I follow the screencast’s example.

  6. Author of TuneTag here. Great screencast! One thing that people are curious about (and you mentioned in the cast) is the downside of there being no Smart Playlist creation – AppleScript actually doesn’t support the creation of Smart Playlists, just regular ones. Sucks, I know. You could always create your own, I would wager, through iTunes itself that scanned the “Comments” field (where these tags are stored). But for now, we’re stuck with regular ol’ playlists. Damn.

    ‘Course, if I’m missing something, I’ll be glad to put it in. Not sure if any recent iTunes releases have added the capability.

  7. I really look forward to these screencasts. Lots of great information and tips for probably the most useful, malleable and time saving utility ever.

    And wow, Abracadabr – Gestures is fantastic!

  8. I know very little about Applescript, so I can’t tell if they are adding comments to the song’s “comment” field or if they are just performing a search. If they did the former, it should be possible to set up a Smart Playlist that would search for the tags entered (or if someone were really ambitious, would search for the tags in the comments field, artist in the artist field, etc.). Any Applescript gurus out there that want to write something like that?

  9. I love the abbrevation (or something) funtion.
    I have set small nonsens words as launchers for often used commands in QS.
    Like the rating scripts.
    It goes like this:
    Invoke QS -> type:set rating to 5 -> tab -> type: Assign abbrevation -> tab -> type:r5
    Or choose a nother short word.
    I do this for alle the rating scripts, and presto. quick rating by keyboard.

  10. No, sorry Alex, it’s not a Video Podcast or anything like that. It’s just a regular article posted with a link to the video file. Sorry for the confusion.
    But who knows, maybe Josh will look into doing it that way in the future…

    Oh, and it looks like you combined TAB and TUAW. :) We’re the former.

  11. Alex Shultz

    I feel really stupid because I cannot figure out where to get the feed for this screencast. Is there a screencast-only feed or do I have to subscribe to the full TUAB feed? I would like to just get these things directly in iTunes. Am I being thrown off by the the “cast” in screencast and there is no feed for it?

  12. I feel bad being the first comment and it’s purely esthetic, but it appeared you used some type of mouse gesture to start your itunes playing and pixie dust fell out of your cursor. That was pretty neat, what do you use to do that? I searched around for some OS X gesture apps, but the first couple of hits don’t seem to do that.

    Oh, and thanks for doing these screencasts. They’re awesome.