PS3 Gets Set To Disappoint Europe


Having not let down enough fans in the U.S. and Japan, the PS3 is finally launching in Europe. After a 4 month delay, on March 23rd, more than 1 million units are supposed to be available for the PS3 launch, 250,000 of those going straight to the U.K. The system price will be 599 Euros or 425 British Pounds, with the 60GB version being the only one available at launch.

Initial manufacturing problems with the systems Blu-Ray diodes were cited for the console’s delay from its spring 2006 launch. In a recent statement to the BBC, Phil Harrison, director of Sony Computer Entertainment, said the reason for the European delay was because, “Sony felt it was better to delay in one market rather than risk failure in three markets and ending up disappointing everybody.” Hopefully the European launch will go a bit better, at least for the sake of the fans.

Though frustrating for European enthusiasts, the console will launch with over 30 titles. Instead of not wanting to buy anything except Resistance, you can now consider Oblvion – if you haven’t already played it, beat it and sold it to a friend – or Motorstorm – if you don’t want to download the demo and essentially play the full game for free. Hey, who knows, maybe more than one of the titles will be worth buying to you! However, I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Jon R.

Someone found out a while ago:

Apparently, each 60 gig model costs them $840.35.

Now, Ebay UK are being dicks about importing US or Jap. PS3s before the EU release in March, but i wonder if they actually plan to press their luck with it after then? Or will they try to pull this shit with Ebay US, since most flippers have no problems shipping overseas?

And if that’s the way most UK PS3 buyers end up getting theirs, i wonder what being bounced around across the Atlantic will do to the failure rates?

Jon R.

So, that’s about $834.54. How much does each unit cost Sony again?

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