Off Topic: Consider donating to the James Kim Memorial Fund

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James_kimSorry for the OT post, but the lost of James Kim hit me hard and was a blow to the entire tech community. Dave Zatz is trying to round up donations for the James Kim Memorial Fund, and working with the Director of TiVoCast Operations, came up with a unique raffle prize. For every $10 donation Dave collects, he’ll award one raffle ticket for a TiVo-branded toaster. No, it won’t go rewind your toast back to plain bread, but it’s an interesting item that few folks have and it does put the TiVo logo on that morning toast.

Please consider a donation and raffle entry; in my opinion, James Kim’s valiant efforts to save his wife and children was nothing short of heroic, so I’ve got a donation on the way. If you’re not able to donate, that’s fine; consider hitting up the Digg link to really help spread the word. Thanks!

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unless i overlooked it i was surprised to see no mention of this story on JKontherun back when it happened a few months ago. i thought for sure at least 1 of u 2 guys would have been big TechTV fans before it got shutdown. it is certainly nice to see it get a mention on here now though.

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