Updated: Infospace's U.S. Games Division Sold To Twistbox


Updated below: Infospace has made a smart move, for once, as it rationalizes its portfolio: it has sold off its U.S. games division, Infospace Games, to mobile content and gaming company Twistbox, reports this blog (seems they got a leaked version of the release.)
The studio will report directly to Twistbox Games in Germany. As the blog notes, InfoSpace used to have a German studio as well (Elkware) which closed around the time they lost the Cingular deal last year.
It also says the UK studio (IOMO Mobile) is still under negotiation, but that deal is also expected to follow shortly.
Updated: The company has issued the official release: Formerly known as Atlas Mobile, Inc., the studio is involved in “Play for Prizes” business with carriers in North America. The studio will be fully integrated into Twistbox Games, the company’s mobile games division which is headquartered out of Dortmund, Germany and maintains studios in Germany, Poland and the US.
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