Ilium adds 8 new keyboard layouts to InScribe



If you never got the chance to look into Ilium’s free InScribe text input application, now is a good time to check it. Ilium just added eight new keyboard layouts so you can pick and choose the layout that you prefer. We’ve tried a number of text entry methods on Tablets and UMPCs; this free offering from Ilium is among the top in my experience. You can still create your own layouts, but perhaps one of the new eight keyboards will keep you productive. Details are right here on Ilium’s InScribe site.


John Christian

I really love InScribe and have mailed them a few improvements they should consider. Things like, remembering window size and location between restarts, support for icons on buttons (a little < - icon instead of bsp would be cool), removing the title bar as an option to get more screenspace - and finally free configuration of buttons width (I do like a wide spacebar and a bigger backspace key).

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