Google Video to Video Search


Having spent nearly $1.65 billion to buy YouTube, it doesn’t make much sense for Google to continue Google Video in its current form. So they are planning to turn that property into a search engine for video clips anywhere. These are first signs of an integration and there are more subtle moves the company is making. Continue Reading.



As for the more subtle moves, Marissa Mayer was asked about ‘how is Google making money on YouTube -in what form are video ads coming?’ at Digital Life Design conference (DLD07) in Munich. She said they are experimenting and gathering data, feedback, etc. on what works best. See: (day: Jan 23, The Billion Dollar Bubble). “There are lots of different business models… Maybe it means the user needs pay directly for the service, maybe it means advertisers will pay more…advertisers are good at valuing those eyeballs.”

It’s gonna be an exciting period.

Robert Dewey


Ouch! No worries. Is there something going around the Business 2.0 work place? Owen Thomas was out as well.

Get well soon,


Om Malik


I will… after a 15 day flu spell, I have over 900 emails backed up. so this weekend it will be what I will do.

hope all is well otherwise.

Robert Dewey

As long as they operate separately, I don’t see a problem. If they can somehow transparently integrate the two services, they’ll have a real winner.

By the way, Om – check your e-mail. I sent you a LinkedIn request a few days ago. I’m in dire need of building my network with intelligent people. :)

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