CNET reviews the hp tc4400: 6.6 / 10

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Hp_tc4400Gotta Be Mobile caught the review over at CNET, which pegs the hp tc4400 at an average 6.6 out of 10. On the bad side, CNET cited the lack of a built-in optical drive; something I personally would rather not see in a Tablet PC. My thought is that if you’re going to ink in slate mode, why hold more weight than you need? Of course, the flipside is the potential need to carry an external optical drive, but I find that to be a very limited need these days; just personal opinion there. You can catch the full review right here and be sure to check Rob’s thoughts on CNET’s review as well.

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Patrick Perez

I have the C2D T7200 (2GHz) version of the TC4400, with 1 gig of ram. I agree 1 gig is the practical minimum for this type of notebook. I disagree on the cdrom being a negative aspect. I viewed it as a positive. The Fujitsu mentioned in the article gives the best option, of a removeable cd that can be replaced with a secondary battery. But the HP has better battery life than the Fujitsu. The CNET article didn’t highlight a few pluses (in my opinion), such as the TPM chip and fingerprint scanner. And the HP hinge is fantastic. I had a chance to see a coworker’s Toshiba tablet awhile back. Iit was 6 months old, and the screen wouldn’t stay still. I hope my HP lasts better. Based on a TC4200 I have used, I’m optimistic.

Curiously, in my work, I manage the PC fleet for a mid size company, and it was my decision that we purchase laptops with optical drives (though not tablets) as our standard. Go figure. I hope Dell starts selling the rumored tablets. I think my end users would benefit from it (though I see stylii as a nightmare, replacement-wise).

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