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Skype Use Gets Q4 Boost

It might not be enough yet to kick in the extra $1.5 billion for Niklas, but Skype’s Q4 2006 numbers were at least headed in the positive direction. skype_jpg.jpg
The eBay subsidiary racked up big gains in minutes, registered users and revenues during the company’s blowout quarter.
One big important jump was an addition of 400 million SkypeOut minutes from the previous quarter.

Here’s a quick list of gains from Q3 to Q4:

Revenues: Q3, $50 million; Q4, $66 million
Registered users: Q3, 135.9 million; Q4, 171.2 million
Skype to Skype Minutes: Q3, 6.6 billion; Q4, 7.6 billion
SkypeOut Minutes: Q3, 1.1 billion; Q4, 1.5 billion

The financials come just after another bit of good news, the Tuesday report that a Federal Court tossed out the lawsuit brought by StreamCast against Skype. SkypeJournal has a few more nuggets here from the call.

5 Responses to “Skype Use Gets Q4 Boost”

  1. i use fon in spain to get free wifi on the go from foneros who throw their wifi to the street to passerbyers who also are foneros. The generous one has no idea of what the user is up to but the system works
    why cant we do same with skype? i skype2skype from spain to an american and my call jumps into his phoneline and i make a national usa call. Since most yanks pay fixed national calling ,when they are out at the office us europeans could advantage from their sharing this phoneline. Service would be limited to NATIONAL calls which would cost nothing extra to the american…or my sky pe2skype call could go through his skypeout to a national phone which is cheaper for americans thanks to skype offering THEM a deal we europeans didnt get. Americans get fixed national skypeout . Inotherwords idle phoneline time could be resold at zero or shared internationally

  2. I have been using a lot of Skype lately for business calls. I have to say, the quality of connections suck, and calls drop in the midst of important meetings, blah blah blah and blee blee blee … not at all satisfactory!