Samsung Customer Support update 1


Just a quick note that I received an e-mail from Samsung Customer Service as promised in my conversation with them on Monday. The note included a link to an on-line, printable UPS return label, which I now have a hard copy of. I’m heading off to my local UPS Store this afternoon to send Sammy to Irving, Texas via UPS Next Day Air. So far, so good….


Bobby Chapman

Wow… Irving? We’re not even a big city, but we are connected to Dallas. How weird. I have to find that place now. Not for anything mischievous, just to ask them, why Irving? We’re a sad pathetic city full of idiots and drunk drivers. If I was stabbed through the chest outside of Irving Hospital, I’d drive to Dallas… that’s how little I trust them.
But then again, Dallas is riddled with hookers and gangsters and drunk drivers.
I guess my point is, I hate this city…
PS: my whole family lives here or I’d move.


It would be nice if Samsung did provide a free Vista upgrade. Am going on two weeks with my Samsung Q1P.


I forgot about your adventure with Sammy and when I read the title I thought that you were about to announce that Samsung told you something about Vista Free Upgrade , HID Drivers or Vista Drivers and I jumped out of my chair!

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