PS3 Fixes Backwards Compatibility Issues


One of Sony’s biggest selling points has always been backwards compatibility. Buying a new console is made easier if you can continue playing your older games, if you had the previous model, or a whole new selection of games if you’re new to the console. Though it never meant that much to me, until the PS3 oddly enough, backwards compatibility is a big selling point for many people, especially since the PS2 has one of the most prolific libraries ever produced and the addition of wireless controllers certainly helps. That’s why, when the PS3 handled backwards compatibility so poorly, many people were disappointed. In fact, several friends of mine hinged their purchase decision on that. Well, it seems that Sony has finally done the right thing with this latest patch and fixed the backwards compatibility.

Earlier today, as noted on Opposable Thumbs, Sony released patch 1.50 for the PS3 which, while there haven’t been any announcements, obviously fixed the PS3 backwards compatibility issues. Before this latest patch, whenever you tried to play a PS2 game, it would load, but looked worse than it did on the actual PS2 console. Everything looked terrible, with graphical corruption making the game hard to play and text difficult to read, making many PS3 owners plug their PS2s back in. However, this patch has fixed that issue entirely, as I have verified.

This is a huge step in the right direction, and after making a few phone calls, I can say that the PS3 position in the “Jason McMaster Poll of Dudes I Know Who Want A PS3” has increased dramatically. If Sony can manage to improve a few more features and, I dunno, find a way to make Guitar Hero work, then the PS3 is going to start sounding a lot better to the consumers. Can they keep it up?



With this backward compatibility fix, is the region protection still on? say can I play my old PS2 UK games from a Japanese PS3?

Jon R.

Oh fuck you. I dare those people to pipe up and admit that the ability to play games for a console they already own makes $600 look more appealing.

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