MySpace Rules In Mobile User-Gen, Report Says


User-Gen is gaining some traction in the U.S. and the U.K., according to new research from Telephia that compares user activity in both markets. It estimates around 4 percent of U.K. mobile users have uploaded content created on their mobile phones to social networking sites, video and picture sharing sites, blogs and personal web pages. Leading the pack is MySpace, with 21 percent of mobile uploaders saying that they have sent content there. Windows Live Spaces is a close second with 19 percent; YouTube and Bebo tie at third place with 9 percent.
In the U.S., where users can access MySpace on Cingular and Helio, 6 percent of mobile users are uploading content to sites from their phones. MySpace is a clear favorite with 32 percent of mobile uploaders putting content on the site. It

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