Motorola Q GSM to launch in India soon


Samsung Blackjack might be the hottest Windows Mobile device in the US, but the Indian market is eagerly awaiting the launch of Motorola Q, according to our good buddy Aman Kapoor, principal with consulting/research group, Packetology.

Motorola intends to launch both the CDMA and the GSM versions of the Q phone in India. Tata and Reliance Communications are the two carriers who are currently in negotiations with Motorola to get the device that is being personally touted by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The CDMA-Q will be the first one to launch in India, and will be followed by the GSM version. If true, then this is good news for those who are awaiting the release of the GSM-Q. There have been some recent rumors that Moto may put GSM-Q on ice.
Adam Campbell, of emailed and let us know that the rumor of cancellation was old, and we said… oops! “With the slides uncovered yesterday, it’s evident that a GSM Q (EDGE and HSDPA flavors) is coming soon,” he added.


Harshal Vaidya

Thanks for Nokia and Sonty Ericsson the Indian public is not too much of a fan club for Motorola.
The most pathetic company in terms of handset has a very little market in India. I am happy.

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