Intel puts the “n” in Centrino.

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Intel_wirelessn_centrinoI know what you’re thinking: "Of course they put the ‘n’ in Centrino; otherwise it would be called ‘Cetrio’ and what kind of name is that?!?" Ah, but I meant 802.11n! Now that the draft spec is near ratification, Intel has adopted it in their Centrino platform, promising a five-fold throughput increase along with double the range and less power consumption. Intel also utilized their "Connect with Centrino" program to work with wireless hardware manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

Up to now, I’ve steered clear of the pre-draft and draft 802.11n products, but I may soon change my mind. Is anyone using this gear now and how has the experience been? Any issues or observations so far?

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Al Karel

I’ve been running Belkin Pre-N for more than a year. I have a 220 foot lot with a building at the back and one near the front. The Pre-N puts a solid signal, and great internet into the distant building. The speed and range are all as advertised.

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