HTC Athena launching in Europe

Htc_athena_2Call me crazy, but I just haven’t gotten excited about the HTC Athena. I think there’s a market for a larger sized Windows Mobile device with a 5-inch VGA screen, but is it trying to be too much for too broad an audience? Yes, some folks have said that about UMPCs and to a degree, there’s merit in their point. I think I’d be more apt to like the Athena if the UMPC class of devices didn’t exist.

Regardless of my under-enthusiasm, the Athena is coming to market in Europe as the "Ameo"; possibly in a few short weeks. T-Mobile will offer this hefty Phone Edition device complete with 8 GB drive, detachable keyboard, GPS, and 2100 MHz GSM support. The rumor-mill has indicated prices in the four figures, but let’s hope the actual numbers come in under a grand. Just curious: is anyone interested in a device with these capabilities in this form factor? If the price is near $1,000, are you still interested? What price would get you interested?


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