HTC Athena launching in Europe


Htc_athena_2Call me crazy, but I just haven’t gotten excited about the HTC Athena. I think there’s a market for a larger sized Windows Mobile device with a 5-inch VGA screen, but is it trying to be too much for too broad an audience? Yes, some folks have said that about UMPCs and to a degree, there’s merit in their point. I think I’d be more apt to like the Athena if the UMPC class of devices didn’t exist.

Regardless of my under-enthusiasm, the Athena is coming to market in Europe as the "Ameo"; possibly in a few short weeks. T-Mobile will offer this hefty Phone Edition device complete with 8 GB drive, detachable keyboard, GPS, and 2100 MHz GSM support. The rumor-mill has indicated prices in the four figures, but let’s hope the actual numbers come in under a grand. Just curious: is anyone interested in a device with these capabilities in this form factor? If the price is near $1,000, are you still interested? What price would get you interested?


Yolanda Villa

Heck, the Universal started out at this price point, but came down. Assuming the Athena will also be available for something under $1000, I’m still interested. It would serve entirely different purposes for me than a Tablet or UMPC, just as my e800 PPC does now. And that 5 inch VGA screen really calls out to me!

Robert Irving

The truism is that miniturisation costs. You only have to compare the cost of the P1610 and what you could get in terms of a desktop for the same $$.
I need portable connectivity, but most of my real work goes on in front of a desktop. I have been using PDAs as a replacement for my trusty old filofax and my current Loox 720 covers off 90%+ of my portablility needs – and slips into my jacket pocket.
I have looked at the P1610, but it will not fit in a pocket. The Athena I think will give my poor old eyes a bit of a respite, so I will certainly take a look at it, especially as it can also replace my phone.


As a medical resident, I think there may be a market for this device-provided the price is competitive with a UMPC. I’ve often wished I had a larger, better screen to read my medical software (which is WM5) and PDFs off of. The instant on and better battery life (I assume) would be a bigger plus.


Whoops, the link doesn’t work with the “).” at the end of the URL. I keep thinking that TypePad will recognize terminal punctuation on its own.


It’s definitely overpriced, but I still like it a lot. HPC.RU just posted a review today with some really great pictures (

I’m glad it’s on T-Mobile so far because we rarely get good stuff. I don’t know how the form factor lends itself to phone use, but I’d still like to get my hands on one. Since it doesn’t run Crossbow (as far as I know anyway), maybe it’ll be released in the U.S. really soon.

Steve Paine

…unless you want somethign you can put in a pocket Ctitanic. Its much more of an ‘always there’ device than any UMPC.

Personally I’m not excited about it any more due to the poor keyboard setup and the fact that its only VGA. It needs to be WVGA – as the HTC Omni is rumored to be.



With a price close to 1000 dollars it´s a severe case of stupidity to buy this PPC on steroid for the same price of a UMPC being both of same side.


I think its to Much for a WM 5 device. I’d rather use my Q1P can do a lot more, and if I leave it in stand by mode in between using it with 6cell battery I can get almost instant start up and use it all day with no problems

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