How much does CPU affect 3G speeds?


Daniel (aka: ThoughtFix) has a nice review of the Sprint Novatel U720 USB modem; this is the device that supports Sprint’s EV-DO Rev. A network. A USB modem is a great option for a UMPC or other mobile device that doesn’t have a PC-Card slot, so you should check out the review.

Now Daniel does live in an area that has the Rev. A network implemented, so when I saw the bandwidth results, I was a little surprised; they were generally lower than what I’ve seen on my EV-DO Rev. 0 tests. It’s not uncommon for me to be near 1 Mbps on the download side BUT (big caveat here): wireless throughput is always subject to various factors like location, signal strength at the time, etc…

Still, this one quote from Daniel has me wondering if the CPU is one of those influential factors as well: "With the limited resources of the UMPC (both CPU and graphics) it seems that CPU intensive applications give too little CPU power to the Sprint application, causing disconnection." If correct and the lack of CPU power can cause disconnection, can it also influence the actual throughput? It’s something I never thought of before and may pursue a little research on…regardless, if you’re on the go with a mobile device and need 3G connectivity, give Daniel’s review a look.



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