Coffee smell alarm clock – Webworker tool of the week


Gizmodo points out this must have web worker gizmo: an alarm clock that wakes you up with a whiff of the fresh scent of coffee. Thanks t this alarm clock, you can have a running start to your day. Especially those days – you know the ones when it is difficult to just get out of the bed, either because you are feeling lazy, nursing a hang over, or simply worked too late into the night.

If anyone has had the chance to smell this in real life, please honor us with your thoughts. I couldnt imagine it being that great. Although its nice to wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee, I really hope there are inserts for strawberry or cinnamon smells, something tells me that this smell might be a bit off.


Ryan Christensen

I’m with Jeremy… it’s excellent to wake up to the real thing. Using my coffee maker as an alarm in the morning hasdone wonders for my ability to crawl out of bed!

Interestingly enough for me, it’s not actually the smell that does it… it’s the sound of the brewing/dripping — my sense of smell seems to be nonexistent in the morning.

Jeremy Latham

Love the idea of the coffee-smell alarm clock but hate the idea of not having the coffee available upon waking. I’ll stick with programming my coffee maker to grind & brew 15mins before I wake up.

Really this alarm clock is a tease!

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