BlogJet 2.0 released


This will only be of interest to bloggers but today a new version of BlogJet was released (finally).  Version 2.0 has a total interface overhaul and looks pretty good so I upgraded ($20) and am using it to post this item.  I have been using BlogJet for some time and it looks like they put a lot of work and addressed some of the problems with the previous version.



Tim Marman

I’m also a Windows Live Writer fan. It’s free and does everything I need to do (including schedules posts at least in Community server).

Since I’m lazy, can anyone tell me what BlogJet does that Live Writer doesn’t?

Jayson Billington

I’m partial to Windows Live Writer myself but this does look pretty good.


Mike, I’m always working on embargoed stuff, but it’s usually a “good taste” embargo. :)


Dmitry, that’s what I just found out. What I am doing is posting as Draft and then scheduling it on the TypePad server side. Thanks for chiming in here.

Dmitry Chestnykh

Unfortunately, as I said earlier, scheduled post function can only be fixed on server-side. If you post to future in WordPress, it will be scheduled post. However, if you do the same with TypePad, it will publish immediately.


Mike, yes I believe It works with WP blogs.

Jenn, I like to compose some posts offline which BT is good at. It publishes direct to TP go they do appear in TP.

Dmitry, did you fix the inability to make scheduled posts? This is a must for me.

Note that BJ is multi-platform and handles multiple blogs so you can use the one editor for them all.


Hmm. Very tempting indeed.

It’s funny that the blurb about the spell checker has a major error in it: “Your mistakes won’t go unnoticed because BlogJet has the spell checker, which supports thanks to BlogJet spell checker, which supports many languages.”

Do you ever use TypePad to write posts? I’d be interested to know why you personally prefer BlogJet over it. Some of its supposed advantages are already built into TypePad, but I do like the live word counter feature.

Do all posts written in BlogJet still appear in the TypePad dashboard?

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