Windows Live OneCare v1.5 officially launches for XP, Vista

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Remember that we caught Microsoft trying to sneak Windows Live OneCare v1.5 past us early? Looks like the product has officially launched today and with it comes a hefty discount for beta testers. Those folks get a 60% discount from the $49.95 annual discount and should watch their e-mail for the details. This new version does indeed support both Windows XP and Windows Vista (but we knew that) and will become available in many non-U.S. areas in about a week.

I’ve tested and tried most of the major software titles for anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-productivity and from what I’ve seen OneCare appears to use the least system resources, which is important to me. Sure it can be annoying at times, but this type of protection is a necessary evil, no?

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So I’ve been looking at your post and thinking about upgrading to it. Is there a changelog somewhere showing what’s new in 1.5? Or do you know what the differences are?

I’m using XP.

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