Track That URL… forward


Tracking emails with embedded URLs is virtually impossible for the typical person to do, especially if all previous forwarding information and email addresses are erased as its sent on. So what can you do if you want to track a URL’s chain of recipients? Use Forwarding Tree!

This online space creates a unique URL when your original URL is entered into the field. Your URL is tracked to let you know how many people clicked on it, did they forward it to others, and whether those people forwarded it to other people.

You can watch in real time as your URL spreads like wildfire around the WWW. What is it good for? Watching to see how many times your URL gets forwarded. How can it improve? Add a secure space where you can log in and see exactly what email addresses it was sent to, how many times it was viewed, and what time they viewed it at. Then it will have some real power for web users.



If i want to track ads we take out with people, for example online banners, newsletters, e-mails , how do i do this and what software packages are available.


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