Ten Great Web Video Mashups


I wrote about ZonTube earlier today, but that’s just one of the many great web video mashups to be found at ProgrammableWeb. Other mashups that have appeared on NewTeeVee include SofaTube and Vidmeter. These kinds of new applications built on existing sites are made possible by public APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). So if you don’t like these mashups, wrangle a programmer friend and create your own!

  1. CelebrityV: Promising “Hand-Picked Celebrity Video,” CelebrityV produces feeds of YouTube, Google Video and Grouper clips for a selection that includes famous names like Jessica Alba and Halle Berry.
  2. Dunkathon: Rate dunks as hot or not from amateurs, streetballers and the pros. To give you an idea of how dunklicious some of these clips are, Michael Jordan hardly made the top 10.
  3. I Love Music Video: This matches YouTube listings with your Last.fm account, making it easy to find videos from your favorite artists.
  4. Indie Tube: This user-curated collection of rock videos offers a download link next to each clip listing, so you can quickly and easily save your favorites.
  5. TubeCH: This interface for searching YouTube makes it easy to browse videos for Japanese speakers who read Kanji.
  6. MusicPortl: This is sort of an uber-mashup, with artist listings that include not just YouTube video, but Flickr photos and blog posts as well.
  7. Rate My Dance Moves: Another hot or not plus video, this time featuring user-submitted dance routines from amazing to hilarious.
  8. magg: This site uses the Dapper API to aggregate videos from YouTube, MetaCafe, Veoh, MySpace, Jumpcut, Yahoo and Google Video.
  9. ReviewTube: Neat tool for adding subtitles to YouTube videos. Be nice and translate into alternate languages, or be naughty and just leave snarky comments.
  10. YouTorials: Offers nothing but how-to videos, both to search for specific topics or as an RSS feed for people who love hacks and DIY.
  11. TagTV: This Flash app lets you create insta-channels of content by producing lists of YouTube videos by searching on specific tags.



AWESOME! I just learned how to mashup and started practicing. I entered a contest where I had to “mash” and can even win some money! Check it out for yourselves…

Stan G

Just came across this list which is a little old now. The big new video mashup that is getting a lot of buzz here in the UK is http://WorldTV.com – still in private beta but word on the street is it’s very cool indeed, and such a great name!


Just came across this site called Geomentary. Its a good one…


Map video mashup – great concept , great site… This site seems more serious compared to others. Check it out.


I like ClipRoller and its desktop software. Plus they added a whole bunch of new features including: 1) Full Screen; 2) more sources; 3) More sharing options; 4) Favorites.

They Win!!

Laura G

Earlier this year, the folks at View Box Player Software released its patent pending method of allowing the public to search and watch YouTube videos and DVDs from a small ‘view box’ that is always visible on the user’s screen. This allows YouTubers and film buffs the ability to view the movies while working with other programs. No juggling or resizing videos!


Free version available.


What about cliproller.com? Searches tons of video sites. Let’s you get cross site RSS feeds for keywords too.


Hmm. The possibilities are endless:
and on and on.

Will be interesting to see what the ‘climax’ of video is on the net.

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