Students' New Best Friend: 'MoSoSo'

USA Today has a piece on mobile social networking software (using the short form of MoSoSo, which I’m not enamoured with). It’s low on stats, but does give a good indication of how the technology is being used by students on campus in the US. It’s also full of hyperbole, from GPS-enable mobile phones “putting enough power in these students’ pockets to run a small country” to “what’s at stake is nothing less than the collective conscience”.
If this is the way people are framing the debate and talking about mobile social networking the hysteria has to be calmed down, and some in the industry are doing that. “Philosophically, every technology has both positive and negative values, says Andrew Anker, vice president of development at Six Apart, a Web consulting firm. “In fact,” he points out, “the most positive aspects are what also add the most negative.”