Samsung VLUUi70 camera with HSDPA

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That 3G is really gettin’ around! Samsung just plopped HSDPA support inside their VLUU i70 camera so you can shoot your pics twice: once through the lens and once over The Internets! The i70 offers a 3x optical zoom and a more-than-adequate 7.3 megapixel sensor. Adding to the convergence is the ability to play MPEG-4 video on the 3-inch LCD screen; I could live without that feature, just give me some wireless connectivity in my camera and I’m happy! Of course, that HSDPA comes with a monthly bill, right….hmm….on second thought…..

(via Gadgetell)

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Dave Zatz

Wow, that’s kinda crazy. Too bad we can’t share our 3G accounts among multiple devices. Carriers should allow that as long as the connections are not simultaneous.

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