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OS X Browser Shortcut Cheat Sheet

The browser is arguably the most used application on anyone’s computer and with the onslaught of hundreds (if not thousands) of new web applications, the time spent in said browsers will only increase.

Back in college in my various graphic design classes, one thing that I really took away from all of that was how the use of keyboard shortcuts (or hot keys) really did boost productivity and reduce significantly the amount of time needed to complete tasks over a period of time.

One hindrance to my picking up keyboard shortcuts quickly was lack of documentation…or rather lack of easily accessible documentation. So in this post I’m aiming to provide you some easy-access tools for becoming a browser power-user. Download the tool that fits your setup best…hopefully it will help you in some way!


The Goods

I’ve broken down the keyboard shortcuts by browser and then by download type. If there’s a format that would work better for you, just request it in the comments and I’ll see what I can whip up.

Safari & Firefox

PDF – 80KB
PNG – 52KB
Bookmarklet (drag to your bookmarks bar)

44 Responses to “OS X Browser Shortcut Cheat Sheet”

  1. TIP: this will get the url, send it to a window loading delicious api, set the window nicely to a dialog kind of size, tags etc etc. After logged in it will remember the account settings ofcourse…
    This is the best option for me as I can try to make it crossplatform. As Firefox 3 has not as much extensions at the moment… yet as well as other beta browsers etc etc


    Applescript to save url bookmark to Delicious from Safari !

    tell application “Safari”
    set theurl to (get URL of document 1)
    end tell

    tell application “Safari”
    open location “” & theurl
    set bounds of window 1 to {200, 200, 900, 550}
    end tell

  2. These are great but no one knows how to reset after (option+mouse click). In the process of downlaoding a movie from a paysite and instead of holding (ctrl+mouse) i hit (option+mouse click) and now all the media i try to download turns into “php.txt.” files anyone know why that is?

    ps. using mac book pro

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  4. Heh, Cmd+L is the magic I’ve been looking for since switching to Mac 3 weeks ago, a bit frustrating running the browser in VMWare fusion though. :-)

    Thanks all for the great info.

  5. @Marco: Thanks for that pointer. What a great program! I am amazed that I have never seen that in any of those countless “top 10 useful OSX programs” lists.

  6. I’ve installed (and purchased) KeyCue. No more need for cheat sheets, since pressing the cmd key for a configurable time will show the keyboard shortcuts that are available for the active application. Works with every app. and no I’m not affiliated. :)

  7. Josh, good start! I’d add ⌘K to the “Select search field” line… Command-K selects the search field in Firefox. You can also hold down the Command key in that seach field and use the down/up arrows to change search engines.

  8. >The *one* shortcut from the WinXP world that I sorely, sorely miss on my Mac is
    >Alt-D, which shifts the cursor into the address bar…

    Command+L always worked for me, in most browsers. It’s right there in the File menu as well.

  9. David Gossett

    The *one* shortcut from the WinXP world that I sorely, sorely miss on my Mac is Alt-D, which shifts the cursor into the address bar, so that you can then type a web address. (IE, you don’t have to click into the address bar to type an address; you just go Alt-D, and then start typing it.) Do you (or any commenters) know how to do this in either Firefox-Mac or Safari? I’d be infinitely obliged…