Orb Now Offering MyCast Service For PS3


One big reason that the original XBox was so popular among tech geeks is that you could mod it and run the XBox Media Center. The media center is a very handy program that lets you stream just about anything you want from almost anywhere you can think of, even going so far as working very well with Samba. If someone could take a device that allowed people to easily and quickly set up network shares and stream media to their televisions, and was affordable, they would make a lot of money. Well, it may not be a set-top device, but Orb networks is trying to do just that.

Orb Networks, a company that specializes in sharing media via proprietary software, has released a new version of their MyCast software that works with the PS3. Earlier this month, Orb released a version of its MyCast for the Nintendo Wii, and the PS3 version seems to work in much the same way. All users need to do is sign up for the MyCast service, download a piece of software and have their PS3 browser point to the MyCast site. This will allow for users to stream whatever media they may desire to their PS3. Nothing like 3rd party software to deliver the goods.

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