MySpace gunning for Spam King

MySpace and Fox Interactive are launching a big offensive against spammers. Their fired their first fusillade against Scott Richter, a self proclaimed “Spam King” who operates, and Media Breakaway.

MySpace is suing Richter in the US District Court of Los Angeles and charges that Richter is in violation of the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act and California’s anti-spam statute, according to some news reports. Richter has tussled with the law in the past, and has been sued many times.

Richter had declared bankruptcy following a suit by Microsoft, and for a while it seemed that he had cleaned up his act, but that apparently is not the case. Sometimes, a spammer is just a spammer.

Richter maybe the first, but definitely not the last. MySpace’s moves are causing a lot of concern at the Affiliate Summit West that concluded today in Las Vegas. MySpace in recent days has started to flex muscle against unlawful activity on its network.


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