EEStor’s new battery technology

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What can I say, I’m on a battery kick today. Right after posting the Q1B battery results, I read this article over at Technology Review. Most of the focus on power for hybrid or electric vehicles, but these quotes left me wanting more in terms of power for mobile devices:

  • EEStor’s ambitious goal, according to patent documents, is to "replace the electrochemical battery" in almost every application, from hybrid-electric and pure-electric vehicles to laptop computers to utility-scale electricity storage.
  • Pound for pound, it will also pack 10 times the punch of lead-acid batteries at half the cost and without the need for toxic materials or chemicals, according to the company.
  • the company’s system claims a specific energy of about 280 watt hours per kilogram, compared with around 120 watt hours per kilogram for lithium-ion and 32 watt hours per kilogram for lead-acid gel batteries

Again, the focus appears to be power for vehicles, but there are hints of new battery technology applications for computing devices here. Worth the read if you get a charge out of battery stories. ;)

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between this battery tech, leds, ssd, ulv processors, we may, hopefully, eventually, see the holy grail of mobile computing: full blown os and all day battery life…. so close.. so close…

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