Ditka, Polish Sausage… da Bears!


Peyton Manning may be the latest darling of TV commercials, but for the next two weeks brace yourself for the Bears Bandwagon, as real and ersatz fans everywhere clamor for Bears, Bears and more Bears. Who are we to disappoint?

While we provided you earlier with hot links to the 1985 Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle (and a bonus rap video from coach Mike Ditka), the classic Superfans episode from SNL (above) offers a wistful take on the humor of Chris Farley (with George Wendt and Mike Myers thrown in). In addition to parody there is also topical video to keep Bears fans busy until Feb. 4. Bear Down and click back a few:

  • Chicagoland TV, somewhere between real professional TV and UGC (some of it is so standup-TV-cliched it’s as funny as the Numa Numa Kid) has a bunch of links here. Our favorite so far is the woman who has both a Bears sign and a Colts sign in her yard, who is about to find out that A) Bears fans drink a lot, and B) now they know where she lives. It probably won’t be physical in nature, but we are guessing some snowblowers will be involved.
  • An action mashup of the Bears season, slow at times but some good hits and jukes in the purloined clips.
  • And this, which has to be some kind of a lost bet deal. Twist!

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